Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm Systems: It has got smoke detectors, heat detectors, glass break switches and buzzers which are connected to a control panel. In case of a fire, the siren/bell goes off which alerts the user. To its advantage, this system has got a backup battery which can work for longer hours when the mains or power is off.

The control panel supplied in a robust metal enclosure with a lift-off lid and heavy-duty base connections for easy first fix and straightforward maintenance. Its broad compatibility with virtually all known conventional smoke and heat detectors and its ability to interpret a short circuit as a fire or fault make it particularly useful for retro-installations.

Burglar Alarm for homes, offices and more, Fire Alarms, Car Alarms, Car Tracking Systems

Burglar Alarm Systems: The main system contains a control panel with zones ranging from usually 4 – 128 zones. Accessories include transformers, keypads, backup batteries, sirens, strobe light and motion sensors which detect intrusion in restricted areas.