CCTV Surveillance Cameras

Video Surveillance Market Overview: Video surveillance can be segmented into several markets. We have customized packages for offices, homes, embassies, streets, schools, hospitals et al. Our team at Kimcorp can provide a solution to all your surveillance needs.

Analogue Camera system: The analogue camera system consists of the analogue cameras and the Compression Card or Digital Video Recorder (DVR) which can have 4, 8, 16 or 32 video inputs. The video inputs receive analog signals from the cameras and are converted to a digital format and then compressed using mp4 compression. The compressed video is stored as data on the hard drive for archiving and playback.

Video Surveillance can be segmented into several markets – High end – casino, government, campus, banking, airport Mid-range – office, health care facility, warehouse, homes and many more

IP based Camera system: In recent times, there has been a move from the analogue cameras to the IP based ones. IP cameras connect via Ethernet; they use typical (often existing) ethernet infrastructure.

IP cameras stream live video via digital packets across an internet protocol network such as a LAN (Local Area Network) or the Internet. This means your video streams can be accessed remotely, including via smartphones, and stored remotely giving you increased flexibility.

Mobile Access: Take ownership of your security, monitor your business or home in the palm of your hands using the latest Kimcorp innovation of mobile CCTV surveillance. Kimcorp uses a secure and customized application platform to give our clients access to live CCTV footage, playback recorded video across selected camera models, on-site and off-site real-time monitoring using an internet-based smart mobile phone laptop portfolio covering BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Android, Java, iOS Operating Systems. Whether at home or abroad, customers are able to have remote visibility of their facilities, be able to remotely monitor and administer them, control access, entry and exit, energize facilities like fences, send alarm signals and so on using their mobile phones. We also offer off-site monitoring of facilities for customers with such requirements. The schematic below depicts a high-level implementation of the solution.