Website Designing & Hosting

WEBSITE DESIGN: A website is a visual instrument. It’s where people go when they’ve seen your advertising material out in the “real world” and it’s where they head when they want to buy your products or sign up for your services without getting caught in the rain. Your website needs to be where your brand lives. And that means it has to look the part. Your online branding, the way your site appears, and the ways in which it responds to your client or your consumer all of that has to match up with the personality of your brand as expressed in all your other visual identities. At KimCorp, We’re able to bring our proven visual flair together with knowledge of the latest trends and technologies in web development. We deliver sites that look the business and work beautifully with all commonly used devices. If you need a site that looks and works as well on your customer’s mobile phone as it does on a laptop, you need KimCorp

We have over 15 years experience offering website designing, hosting and development services. Hosting include Shared, Reseller, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server.

Form and Function: KimCorp is where form and function really meet. Every page in your website must be designed to appeal to the eye of the reader. Laid out to deliver your information as quickly and cleanly as possible, using the perfect combination of media. Images; video files; and text all have a place in most corporate sites. The trick is knowing where and when to use them. At KimCorp, we can bring our modern understanding of visuals to the process of making pages that impart information as rapidly and as engagingly as they need to.

Looks Are Important: With consumers coming to your site from all sorts of places – and using all sorts of devices to do so – it’s vital that every page on your site is recognisably owned by your brand. We create website designs that use your existing corporate imagery (colours, pictures and logos) to make pages that are unmistakably you: or we can develop your branding alongside your site design, delivering a complete package including a logo, business cards, letterheads, Envelopes, flyers, stationery, and a website.